DSI encourages positive community interactions between immigrants and non-immigrants to transcend barriers of race, language, ethnicity, country of origin, and social and economic class and to develop stronger, more vibrant communities. As such, DSI advocates for immigrants’ rights and needs in the local and broader community by:

Connecting immigrants with resources, Such As:

• legal representation

• social/community services including child care, food banks, health care, assistance with housing and job search

• educational programs including GED preparation and English language learning.


Providing direct assistance, Such As:

• transportation to medical, dental, legal, and other appointments

• public school enrollment guidance

• child care during appointments

• short-term housing

• donations of household goods including clothing, furniture, and other items

Helping to navigate u.s. government processes, such as:

• explaining relevant government processes

• translating documents and helping with applications

• accompanying new immigrants to immigration, civil, family or criminal court, or other appointments, acting as advocates as appropriate and if requested