What we’ve achieved

Since its creation in 2017, Direct Support for Immigrants (DSI), an volunteer, nonprofit organization, has worked steadily to assist the local immigrant community in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County. To date, the group has helped more than 200 families. Example ways that we have supported immigrants include:

  • Facilitating access to legal counsel, healthcare, housing and educational opportunities by disseminating information, offering direct guidance and partnering with local service organizations.

  • Providing transportation for various activities including:

    • Court appearances

    • ICE check-ins

    • Medical appointments

    • School enrollment appointments

  • Establishing and operating the New Arrivals Navigation Assistance Program:

    • Obtaining a legal consult for every migrant so that they can learn how the immigration court system works and how to best proceed with their immigration case

    • Navigating school registration requirements so children can enroll in school as early as possible

    • Connecting to medical services to address healthcare needs, including prenatal care, dental care, and pediatric vaccinations and wellness checkups

  • Helping immigrants with ankle monitoring bracelets participate in a class action suit against a company with predatory practices

  • Raising funds on a limited basis for specific purposes, such as emergency rent payment, legal fees, and bond payments

  • Providing case-specific advocacy and support, including:

    • Connecting an immigrant with an attorney to assist with reopening their case

    • Helping to reunite an asylee with family members

    • Providing short-term housing to prevent homelessness

    • Helping advocate for a single parent with local school staff, ultimately preventing the family from becoming homeless

  • Applying for and being granted 501(c)3 nonprofit status in 2018 as a means to enhance effectiveness.