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We are a Takoma Park and Silver Spring, Maryland-based non-profit organization that grew out of the Takoma Park Mobilization. We are all local volunteers who believe strongly in affirming values of inclusion and supporting immigrants no matter their origin or immigration status.


OUR Mission

Our mission is to assist immigrants to the United States by

  • Learning about challenges that immigrants and their families face and identifying ways to support them in overcoming those challenges.

  • Educating immigrants about the resources available to them and connecting them to these resources.

  • Providing social, emotional, material, financial and other types of support to immigrants facing serious challenges.

  • Encouraging positive community interactions between immigrants and non-immigrants. Through these interactions working to transcend barriers of race, language, ethnicity, country of origin, and social and economic class, to develop stronger, more vibrant communities.

  • Advocating for immigrants’ rights and needs in the local and broader community.

Direct Support for Immigrants Working Group of the Takoma Park Mobilization has been an incredible resource for many of our detained immigrant neighbors and community members.
— — Abigail Moyer, Senior Attorney, CAIR Coalition